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Are you planning to liquidate or update your existing bakery? Do you need to sell used bakery machinery? Turn to Multiback Bäckereitechnik for assistance in evaluating the worth of and getting a fair price for your used bakery machines. We have years of industry experience and specialize in each of the steps related to the purchase and sale of used bakery equipment, including the deconstruction and transportation of installed machinery. 

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Hands-on service to assist in bakery liquidation

Bakery or café liquidation may often feel insurmountable, but our family business can take one major issue off your hands: the removal and resale of your baking equipment. As specialists in used bakery machinery, we are well equipped to buy a wide range of machines involved in the baking industry, from ovens and storage containers to complete product lines. With the help of 5000 m2 storage space and its attached showroom, we present used bakery equipment to a wide range of bakers throughout Europe. 


Experts in the purchase and sale of used bakery equipment

We enthusiastically resell used machinery, whether it is relatively new or functionally antique. As experts in the industry, we’re well aware of the value of older machinery and are committed to the thorough cleaning and repair of every product in stock. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can assist you with the removal, purchase, or sale of quality used bakery machinery. 



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